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Presentation on “3D printing generative art by using deformation”

A preseantation on a unique design and printing methods for 3D printers was given by Yasusi Kanada (the CTO of Dasyn.com) in 4th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing and Bio-Manufacturing (ICAM-BM 2014, Beijing) (November 12-14). The presentation title was “3D-printing of Generative Art by using Combination and Deformation of Direction-specified 3D Parts”. By using this design method, which is completely different from conventional CAD-based method, simple shapes such as a cup is first defined, and various artistic shapes can be generated by deforming them. The printing method is also unique, i.e., different from conventional layer-by-layer methods.

In this presentation, a video on printing a dish with helical head motion, which was uploaded to YouTube, was shown and the technology was explained.

1072-21-160.jpg 1011-14-160.jpg 1071-03-06-160.jpg 1073-01-160.jpg