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A poster on natural direction 3D printing was presented at SFF Symposium

IMG_3034_edited-1.jpgYasusi Kanada, who is the CTO of Dasyn.com, presented a poster on “natural-direction 3D printing” at the 24th SFF Symposium. “Natural-direction 3D printing” enables expression of “natural direction”, such as direction of fiber or hair, of objects to be printed. The abstract and the poster are available from the author's personal site.

The SFF (Solid Free-form Fabrication) Symposium is the longest-established 3D printing conference, which is sponsored by the University of Texas and held in Austin every year. The natural-direction 3D printing technology consists of field-oriented design technology, field-based tool-path generation technology, and non-horizontal (natural-direction-followed) 3D printing technology, which are patented and under development, and a new type of object model called the field-oriented solid model is used. The poster explains the outline of these technologies and the field-oriented solid model.