August 2015

Two presentations on directed and procedural 3D design and printing will be given in JSME Convention (August 29, 2015 10:50 AM)

Two presentations (in Japanese) on the new type of 3D design and printing will be given in the annual convention of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers on September 14. The first presentation is on a procedural design method for industrial products. The second presentation is on direction-specified 3D design and printing methods.

A directed-3D-printing paper was presented in the SFF Symposium (August 12, 2015 11:59 PM)

The paper titled “Support-less Horizontal Filament-stacking by Layer-less FDM”, which was accepted for the SFF Symposium was presented in the afternoon on August 12. The session title is “Process Development VIII: New and Hybrid Process”. This paper describes a method for printing a thin, light, and brilliant objects, such as globe or heart-shaped dish without support material.

Papers on 3D printing with natural direction, 3D turtle graphics, and bitmapped pictures/characters have been published/accepted (August 7, 2015 10:16 PM)

A paper on natural-direction 3D-printing, which had been originally presented at the Solid Free-form Fabrication Symposium (SFF) 2013, was published. Another paper on hacked conventional 3D printing was also published. Both were published by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET). A paper on 3D turtle graphics, which was originally presented and published in Japanese, has been published in English by the International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA). A paper on creating thin objects with bit-mapped pictures/characters, which has been used for printing globes, was accepted for a conference called the 8th International Conference on Leading Edge Manufacturing in 21st Century (LEM21). WASET is an NPO that organizes many technical conferences and that publishes many open-access papers at no cost. IJERA is a publisher of open-access papers at low cost. LEM21 is a conference organized by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME).